writing is like breathing

29 Aug

For years I have talked about blogging and in my mind I have this great idea of what my blog would be. I tried to blog during a three-month unemployment stint that I think lasted two posts. Well I’m back! And with a purpose!

For the past six years I have had the privilege to not only write for a living but to get paid to write about sports. As a journalist I think it’s the best gig because you’re not covering sad stories about crime and death. I have met a multitude of inspiring people who reaffirmed my passion for my job of writing.

But lately I’ve been feeling the urge to write for more of a purpose, rather than just for entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, being a sports reporter is an important job and it certainly pays the bills, but I find myself feeling empty.

I had my ah-ha moment this past February at The Justice Conference in Portland. It was during the two-day conference among 4,000 people I was saturated with stories and scripture. My heart was broken as I learned of social injustices going on around me that I was naive to.

The conference closed with well-known pastor, speaker and author Francis Chan. During his time he said not to let anyone talk you out of the passion you feel right now. I left the conference determined to use my passion for writing to write for a purpose. I wrote a couple stories about the conference for local Christian publications and networking has led me to many other stories.

My contribution to the Art Wall at the Justice Conference.

This blog will serve as a way for me to post what is in my head and in my heart. Sometimes it will relate to my life in sports journalism, sometimes it will relate to my personal life and sometimes it will serve as an avenue to write about the inspiring people and organizations that work to change the world.

Happy reading!

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