The Exodus Experience

31 Aug

The Exodus Experience.

Last night after work I went out to downtown Puyallup for the Exodus Experience, a music and art festival to bring awareness to Rooftop 519. The organization brings critically injured and ill children from around the world to the U.S. to provide treatment.

I first heard of Rooftop at The Justice Conference. There I met the CEO Shawn Manley, a cool dude with an awesome mission. Shawn told me personal stories of children who have come to the U.S., receive treatment and stay with a host family during their recovery before returning to their home country.

Last night’s event featured a variety of musical performances, including local band, The Ongoing (a personal favorite). Donated art was sold in a silent auction. My friend’s husband painted the pictured guitar.

Old Army stretchers were also displayed for people to add their own message or design.

My friend Blaire, who has a heart for serving, was also there. She is the reason why I went to The Justice Conference. Last night she was talking a lot about The 2013 Justice Conference in Philadelphia. She plans on going and is really looking for a co-pilot to fly cross-country (me). It’s all I’ve been thinking about now…

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