Ready for some football!

4 Sep

I am so grateful for the three-day Labor Day weekend! I spent the time off reading, cleaning and completing three fantasy football drafts.

The month of September means hooded sweatshirts, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and football season!

Team 1: Since I first met Trevor he has organized a fantasy team every year. I joined in 2009 and after two decent years I had a very rough year last year. My team is Panang Curry, named after my favorite Thai food dish and after my favorite NCAA basketball player, Stephen Curry of Davidson.

Team 2: The last few years my dad and brother organize a family league named The Breeze League. In this league my name is the East Dillon Lions after one of my favorite teams on one of my favorite shows, “Friday Night Lights.”

Team 3: My co-worker and her husband asked us to join a league they started. Aside from my friends I don’t know anyone in this league. But again, team name is Panang Curry.

Trevor getting ready for draft No. 1.


Trevor hooked up a computer to our TV downstairs while I worked in the dining room on my laptop. Trevor is hardcore about his football, especially during draft time. In an effort to avoid annoying him by asking him what he thought about certain players, I would look at his draft rankings on the big screen to see where a player I was interested in ranked on his board. He didn’t know I was doing this (and he will never know unless he reads my blog. Hmmm, this might be a good test).

After so many drafts I honestly can’t even remember a quarter of my players. I think I managed to get RGIII as my backup QB on all three teams though…

Games kickoff Wednesday and I will soon learn if my strategy worked!

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