Strong Family

10 Sep

The Jackson three.

I am fascinated by people’s stories. There are often times I will point someone out to my husband and say, “I wonder what their story is…”

The beauty of my job is that I am able to walk up to strangers and ask them nosy questions about their life, in a tactful and respectful way of course.

A few months ago I covered a bench press competition at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. I knew the event organizer was a retired world champion powerlifter. These days she’s a personal trainer and an assistant manager at one of the fitness centers on base. At the event I learned her ex-husband and two of their daughters also used to compete in powerlifting.

It’s not every day you meet a former world champion powerlifter, let alone an entire family of them. I caught up with the family last week to write a story about their family genes. Turns out one of the daughters is now looking to turn professional in boxing while the other daughter is excelling on the track.

Read my story here.

Lifting at 6 years old.

The family has had multiple stories written about them. Someone in Europe also contacted them to interview them for a documentary on strong families.

This story allowed me the opportunity to connect more with a source I work with quite often, but don’t really know. It was fun to talk with the girls who don’t think anything of their talents. To them it’s normal to lift big weight and have 300-pound weightlifters cheer them on.

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