What I’m Reading Wednesday

19 Sep

Continuing on with my WWII-era reading mission, I stumbled upon “Clair de Lune” on accident a couple weeks ago. While at the library picking up books I had on hold, the photograph of the couple on the cover instantly caught my attention because it gives away the time frame of the novel.

I picked the book up and was intrigued about the “A Newly Discovered Novel” banner on the cover. I learned this novel was discovered 50 years after author Jetta Carleton wrote it and published 20 years after her death. Her family had thought the manuscript was destroyed in a tornado but it had been safely passed on and eventually found itself to a publisher.

This book takes place in Missouri with the country at the brink of war, when some thought the young men of the U.S. wouldn’t be affected. It features an independent young woman who starts a teaching job at small junior college. The story explores ethical and moral dilemmas and the severity of consequences during an era of innocence.

Carleton’s writing style is fabulous and I wonder if it would have been any different if she herself had seen the project through to publication, rather than someone else making the modifications for her.

My WWII reading doesn’t end for a couple more weeks. I just finished book two in Sarah Sundin’s Wings of Glory series which I will post about next week.

What is your favorite historical subject to read about?


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