Looking for a photographer?

Let me introduce you to Ingrid Barrentine. She is a wife, mother and one of the most talented photojournalists I know.

Pregnancy didn’t slow Ingrid down. Here she is covering a triathlon in 2011.

I had the privilege of working with Ingrid at the Northwest Guardian for a couple months. Unfortunately for me she was about seven months pregnant when I joined the staff. When she had her beautiful baby girl she didn’t return to the NWG because she has been enjoying a successful freelance career with her own business, Grit City Photography.

As you can see from her website, Ingrid can do it all: weddings, birthdays, maternity, family portraits, etc. Last week her and I went out to the University of Washington- Tacoma campus so she could take some business portraits for me. I’ve been wanting professional mug shots for my social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, LinedIn and this blog.

Here are some of her photos:

Ingrid’s eye for light and locations amaze me. She even managed to use the back of a roadside construction sign to reflect the sun and create even better light!

I am a huge fan of Ingrid’s work and recommend her to anyone who looking to get photos done!

Thank you Ingrid!


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