The Sock Bun

There is a female soldier that works in the same building as me who has absolutely stunning hair. It’s a very rich brown color that looks shiny, smooth and healthy. Since it’s always pinned up in a low bun I can only guess her hair is long.

I have known this soldier for months and have always noticed how perfect she makes her bun. Do you ever have that frustration when you go to the salon and get a cut and style and it looks amazing? But you know you can never make it look as good as it does when you leave the salon? No? I guess it’s just me…

With this soldier her bun is perfect 100 percent of the time. One time my coworkers and I went out to lunch and one of them asked if a person standing in the line was the soldier from our building. Her back was to us and I knew it wasn’t her based on how hair was coming loose from her bun. Does that make me sound creepy?

Today while she was talking to me about something work related I just came out and said I am always impressed by how good her hair looks. It totally caught her by surprise, but then she explained to me how she does it! It’s the sock bun! Have you heard of it? Me either! I had to Google it when I got back to my desk, but I discovered it’s quite a genius idea!

It involves cutting the toe part of a sock off and rolling your hair into a perfect bun. This link on describes it pretty well. Who knew…


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