Inspiring Justice: In My Words

30 Oct

Me, Blaire and Amanda at The Justice Conference 2012.

Inspiring Justice is a Tuesday blog series that features guest blog posts from people who are headed to The Justice Conference 2013 in Philly. The goal is to continue to inspire, educate and connect in a community that shares a concern for the vulnerable and oppressed. Please contact me at if you would like to participate in “Inspiring Justice.”

A couple of years ago my friend Blaire loaned me the book, “Just Courage: God’s Great Expedition for the Restless Christian.” I am almost ashamed to admit reading that book was my first introduction to Gary Haugen, The International Justice Mission and the injustices happening all over the world. I sat in my own little bubble completely oblivious to it all, completely focused on me.

Just Courage was an encouraging read in that it told the stories of ordinary — successful — people who gave up careers and really nice salaries to rescue victims of human rights abuse all over the world.

It was soon after reading Haugen’s book that my friend Blaire told me about The Justice Conference in Portland last February. I had no idea what to expect as I had never been to a conference of that size, but I was so excited to be encouraged and inspired by the thousands of people in attendance all wanting a part in trying to change the world.

Eight months have passed since the conference and it’s still something I think about daily. Whether it was something said or something I saw, the impact of that weekend remains with me always. In an effort to continue the connection with the conference’s mission and to pursue my passion to write for a purpose I started this weekly blog series “Inspiring Justice.” It has connected me to people all across the map who all have a passion for something bigger than themselves.

My contribution to the Art Wall at The Justice Conference 2012.

At last year’s conference there were so many amazing, impactful speakers, but my favorite was the final speaker, Francis Chan. He said, “Don’t let anyone talk you out of the passion you feel right now.” My friends and I balled our eyes out during Chan’s session. My heart was broken because I felt so useless. I serve in my church and in my community, but I wanted to do more. I needed to do more. As Chan said, “As we grow in the Lord, shouldn’t our faith increase? Shouldn’t we be doing crazier stuff?” Rather than being focused on what next career move I would take to climb the ladder of “success,” I want to find something that uses my skills and experience to serve, however crazy it will be.

I am looking forward to the cross-country trip to Philly in a few months to be back in the encouraging and inspiring environment that is the conference. To have my heart and spirit broken by stories of pain and then to hear the stories of triumph that comes out of that pain. I look forward to meeting people from all over this world to hear and share their stories.


One Response to “Inspiring Justice: In My Words”

  1. itsagoodpnwlife October 30, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

    I wish I could go too! It is such a huge problem in the world today, but I am confident that even the small things you and I do can impact someone’s life. I love the new voice of our generation of the church that is emerging with the message to fight for justice for the oppressed!

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