Princess Fiona Ramona

7 Nov

The day I brought Fiona home.

Beginning Nov. 1 many of my friends on Facebook have been listing what they’re thankful for in 30 days of thanks. I woke up with a very heavy heart Nov. 1 because our 2-year-old pug, Fiona, had passed away the night before.

Through this last week of grieving I’ve been giving thanks for the brief time we had with her. I’m thankful for all the memories we made and all the laughs we have from such a special dog.

We knew when we adopted her that she was born with a heart murmur. When I went to meet her and pick her up I felt like I totally scored because she was a super cute pudgy pug that seemed perfectly healthy. It didn’t take long to see that we couldn’t treat her like a normal dog. When she ran around too much, played too hard or was too excited she would collapse while her heart tried to catch up.

At the vet we learned that rather than hearing a typical heart beat, Fiona’s heart made a swish, swish sound. We knew at the very beginning that we would love her, spoil her and give her the best life we could. We became her protectors who monitored her exertion and babied her like crazy.

I feel so blessed that we passed the first birthday mark and then the second birthday mark this past July. Even the vet was a little surprised when I brought her in for her annual check up this summer.

We knew any day could be the last but nothing can prepare you for having to say goodbye. When we got home from a church event Halloween night Trevor found she had passed in her sleep. My heart broke.

I have found comfort this past week in people who understand the grief that comes with losing a  pet. I was with Fiona every day for two years and she wasn’t just a pet, she was my best friend and a member of our small family. It’s weird to come home to a quiet house. My routine for the last two years is thrown off. Every day Fiona would wake up with me, we’d go downstairs to go outside, then she’d eat her breakfast while I made coffee. She’d go back upstairs with me while I got ready for the day and when I was about to leave she would be tucked back into bed with Trevor for her first nap of the day.

Every day we’d come home she’d be so happy to see us! She would get up on her hind legs so we could pick her up. She was so cute! In the kitchen she was glued to my leg willing me to drop some food on the ground with her big eyes. She told me she needed to go outside by nibbling on my fingers and if she was cold she would paw at the blanket to tell me she wanted to crawl under. She loved to sleep on our heads and she often fell asleep with her toy in her mouth.

Today we picked up her dog collar and ashes from the vet. Bringing her home kind of put some closure to having to say goodbye so suddenly. When I come home from work and pull into our driveway I still look at our back door to see if her little head is poking out, waiting for me to come home. I miss her so much and know there can never be another dog like her. I feel so blessed that I had the time that I did with her and am thankful that I had such a great best friend. Love you, Fiona Bear.

Pug mug.


3 Responses to “Princess Fiona Ramona”

  1. Papa Joe November 8, 2012 at 1:41 am #

    Princess Fiona touched my heart. And so did your words …

  2. Allison November 8, 2012 at 2:14 am #

    I loved reading and found comfort in your words. I share your pain as I STILL miss Nikki. There’s another dog waiting to look out your back door, that’s how Zeus came to us. Love you.

  3. 1dlively November 10, 2012 at 12:08 am #

    she was so beautiful pug and you were a great pug moma, sorry for you loss.

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