Celebrate with a Book Exchange Party

12 Dec
Books wrapped and ready to be exchanged!

Books wrapped and ready to be exchanged!

In the spirit of the holidays and the many parties that are happening in the next few weeks, I’m skipping my usual “What I’m Reading Wednesday” to talk about parties. And books. And parties with books.

Tonight I’m going as a guest to a book exchange party thrown by the book club my sister-in-law is involved in. It’s about an hour drive away from where I live but I love books and hanging out with people who love books as much as I do that it’s totally worth it! Spoiler alert!: I’ve wrapped the latest book I read, “Girl in Translation.” Not only was it a great read, but I had recommended a lot of my favorite books to the book club when they first got started so they have already read them.


When it comes time to exchange we will all share why we chose the book we did.

When my friend Blaire turned 28 this summer she requested a book exchange party. Everyone brought a wrapped book of their choice and I put together a trivia game all about Blaire. The person with the highest score got to pick their book first and it went down the line. We also had the option to exchange if we wanted to.

This party had a wide variety of genres from romance to historical fiction to young adult. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but in the end I ended up trading for the book I brought! I know! For shame! My sister-in-law introduced me to Kate Morton, and her novel “The House at Riverton” because it’s during the same time era as Downton Abbey. I totally procrastinated in shopping for my book and the day of the party I could not find “The House at Riverton” anywhere! Feeling pressured I picked up another Morton book, “The Forgotten Garden.” I hadn’t read it yet but Morton is a crazy good writer and thought it would be a good read.

I took home “The House at Riverton” which remains in my ever-growing books-still-to-read list!

The party host can dictate the guidelines for their book exchange party. For the party I’m attending tonight the book can be new, used or autographed. It just has to be wrapped! It’s a great way for everyone to leave with something and to share the good reads we all find!

Happy book parties everyone!

“What I’m Reading Wednesday” will resume next week!

What book would you bring to a book exchange party and why?

2 Responses to “Celebrate with a Book Exchange Party”

  1. stainonthepage December 12, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    this is a really good idea, I am going to see if my book club would do something like this.

  2. Blaire L. December 12, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    How fun! Now I’m in the mood to have another book exchange party!

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