Countdown Begins: Philly Bound!

23 Jan

One month from today my friend Blaire and I will be immersed at The Justice Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. I just read a story today that about 6,000 people will be gathered for the conference!

We are beyond excited for the conference speakers, artists, the film festival and to meet people and organizations from all the over the world pursuing justice. But we are also excited to explore Philly, the City of Brotherly Love, the city we all sang about at the beginning of each Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode and the city where Rocky conquered the steps of the Museum of Art (which I hope to recreate).

We have two days post-conference to explore Philly and aren’t entirely sure what we should be sure to see, eat and do! Anyone have suggestions?

We’re into history and are looking forward to all the museums we get to explore. We were instructed from more than one person to eat a Philly Cheesesteak, but just any Philly Cheesesteak or should it be from a specific place??

I have placed holds on Philadelphia guide books at the library I need to pick up and study. Blaire has compiled a list of places to see. I have reached out to the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau who said they too would put together suggestions. But we want to hear from the locals!

Please share your tips, suggestions, warnings, stories, etc. of Philly with us!

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