What I’m Reading Wednesday

13 Feb


This past Christmas my husband did a Google search for “Downton Abbey” and 1920s books for my gifts. Inside and outside of my stocking was a pile of books from my favorite era and favorite television series.

One of the books I received was “Bright Young Things” by Anna Godbersen. This book was the first of the series and follows three young women in New York in 1929. One is a socialite, one is an inspiring singer and one is the daughter of a bootlegger. (Sidenote, I’ve been watching Ken Burns’ documentary series on “Prohibition” as well).

When I read books like this I can’t help but picture myself during the time era. I like to think I would still have been a journalist. Chances are I wouldn’t have been a sports writer, but maybe I would have been a gossip columnist or a critic like Dorothy Parker. I also admire journalist and editor Cissy Patterson (I recently bought Newspaper Titan and it’s on the to read list!).

I was excited about last Sunday’s “Downton Abbey” episode in which Lady Edith tries to shed her spinster lifestyle and pursues a job as a newspaper columnist. But of course her married editor is attracted to her and bad news is bound to come out of this storyline…

I look forward to reading the rest of the “Bright Young Things” to see how the characters develop and what happens after the Wall Street crash.

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