What I’m Reading Wednesday

23 Apr


I last blogged about “Call the Midwife” last winter after reading the memoir written by Jennifer Worth. It was during that time I discovered PBS made a show of the same name based on the three-book memoir.

The memoirs are written by a midwife on her experiences working in the London East End post-WWII. Recently the follow up to “Call the Midwife” was released in the U.S. I waited more than two months for “Call the Midwife: Shadows of the Workhouse” to become available at the library and it was finally my turn!

The show is now in its second season in which it takes stories from the memoirs while also adding drama. In last Sunday’s episode we meet Jane, a shy and nervous woman, who joins the staff at Nonnatus House. Her tragic story is revealed in the “Shadow of the Workhouse.” Jane was born in the workhouse and the abuse she endured as a child eventually broke her spirits. Some of the stories shared are so difficult to read because they involve helpless children, some who knew no other way of life except within the walls of the workhouse.

Workhouses offered accommodation and employment to the poorest of the poor until 1948. Families were separated and children were treated harshly. In “Shadows of the Workhouse” Worth shares stories of people she encountered who grew up in the workhouse and what became of them. They are sad but encouraging stories.

“Farewell to the East End” is the final book in the series and I’m happy to report I’m No. 5 out of 24 holds! Until then I will continue to watch season two of “Call the Midwife!”

2 Responses to “What I’m Reading Wednesday”

  1. Pamela April 23, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    I just discovered Call the Midwife. I bought all three books to read and I am really enjoying watching the show as well. It is very good! I am waiting for the season to be over before I read the books. Glad you are enjoying the show and books as well 🙂 Happy reading !!!!

    • somerbhanson April 23, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

      Thank you for posting! It’s great to hear from another Midwife fan! You will certainly love the books!!

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