What I’m Reading Wednesday

21 May


Hello season of beach reads! Are you planning a vacation spot with a warm sandy beach? Or a flight across the country, or better yet abroad (lucky!)? Or just planning to catch some rays of Vitamin D from your own back yard?

All of the above are perfect scenarios for fun and entertaining beach reading materials.

May I offer a suggestion of “The Best of Us” by Sarah Pekkanen, released last month. The book’s cover art makes you wish you were on a getaway. “The Best of Us” is a sassy read about four couples in their 30s who enjoy a once in lifetime vacation to Jamaica. The food sounds amazing, the scenery sounds even better, and there is no shortage of drama when a group of friends live in such close quarters for a week. Then add in the threat of a looming hurricane…

Each female character harbors secrets and insecurities that are brought to light as the story progresses and the reader gets to know them better. I started to love Allie because she seemed a lot like me, but through certain unnamed events she drove me crazy! Each character: Allie, Savannah, Tina and Pauline all have their moments of strength as well as weakness, and in the end you want to be a part of their circle of friends.

“The Best of Us” keeps you on your toes throughout. Will Savannah work it out with her estranged husband? Will Pauline tell her husband the truth? Will Allie be OK? Will Tina ever chill out? See what I mean about the drama?

Pekkanen’s entertaining novel is a great way to escape and will make you reflect back on your college days with your girlfriends. It’s a perfect companion to sunglasses, an iced beverage and some sunshine.

Happy reading!


Sarah Pakkanen

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