What I’m Reading Wednesday

5 Jun


This week’s book post is a throwback Thursday Wednesday gem! I’m thankful for my book exchange club because 1, I get to hang out with some really neat gals who like reading as much as I do and 2, I get introduced to books I might not normally pick up, like “The Monkey’s Raincoat” by Robert Crais.

My friend Patty brought this book for last month’s exchange and shared how great of an author Crais is. I decided to give it a shot and opted out of trying to steal a book from someone else and I’m glad I decided to keep it!

This  book came out in 1987 when I was 3 years old (sorry Patty!) and is part of a detective series that centers around private investigator Elvis Cole, a sarcastic individual who is a highly skilled ex-Ranger. The story takes place in Hollywood and has a couple of cameo appearances of Disney-related figures, including Mickey Mouse on the cover art! Elvis is tasked with solving a disappearance which escalates into a bigger mystery/crime that needs to be solved. By the end you’re really rooting for Elvis and his incredibly intimidating partner ex-Marine Joe Pike to save the day!

According to research I did on Wikipedia (I know, I know, not the most trusted news source), I read Crais has no plans to sell the rights to his Elvis Cole novels. He prefers his readers to have their own perceptions of the characters rather than see them interpreted in film form.

When my book exchange club met last Friday I re-introduced “The Monkey’s Raincoat” to the group so others can have a chance at Crais’ work. In turn I took home Kate Morton’s “The Forgotten Garden” (more to come on that one later!).

What is your favorite throwback novel?


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