Networking with the M’s

Post-networking event and ready for the game!

My BFF Melissa and I both have degrees in communication and while I took the journalism route and she took the marketing route, we both share a love of sports — and the possibility of someday working for a professional sports organization. So when Melissa asked me if I wanted to go to the Seattle Mariners’ Teammate Networking event June 11 I was all about it.

Dressed in business attire dresses and with wind-blown hair (thank you, Seattle!) we checked in for the event at Safeco Field’s Ellis Pavilion at 6 p.m. A panel of executives from the Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders, Seattle Storm and other local sports organizations introduced themselves in front of the attendees. Once introductions were over the executives spread out and the sharks (us) swarmed around them peppering them with questions and offering out business cards.

Melissa is the marketing director of a local mall and had the Mariners VP of marketing on her radar, as did many other sharks people. It’s extremely intimidating to walk right up to someone cold and talk about how awesome you are and ask if they’re hiring. Melissa was patient and eventually made it front and center to talk with the VP (success!).

Melissa surrounded by other marketing peeps.

While Melissa was chatting up the marketing VP I spoke with someone who does digital media for the Seahawks and Sounders. I asked him how he gets into a position like that and asked him how it has evolved in the last few years. I went on to speak with the director of sport partnerships at Northeastern University, who has an amazing resume. She wanted to be a baseball coach so got the education and coached a pro team at the independent level and since then has pitched for BP for eight MLB teams (wow!). I then spoke with someone representing the Special Olympics of Washington because I had recently written a story about SOWA’s Summer Games.

About an hour later we left the event and picked up our garlic fries and climbed the many stairs to our seats in the 300 level. We enjoyed a 4-0 Mariners win over the Houston Astros and a much needed girls date.

Melissa and I followed up with emails this morning in hopes that someday we’ll both work for professional sports organizations. Preferably with the same team. Maybe?

Our view while we ate garlic fries.

What are your tips for networking?


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