What I’m Reading Wednesday

30 Jul


This week’s read is for my British-loving friends. Author Mia March recently released her second novel “Finding Colin Firth.” The novel is set in a picturesque town in Maine and is centered around three characters: Gemma, Bea and Veronica. Hovering over the storyline is British actor Colin Firth.

Mr. Firth stars in some of my favorite films. I watch “Love Actually” every Christmas and even between holidays. “Bridget Jones’ Diary” is a go-to classic if there’s nothing to watch (and my husband is out of town). And then there’s Mr. Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice.”


Mia’s novel is a heartwarming story about a young college graduate in Boston who decides to search for her biological parents after she recently finds out she’s adopted. Meanwhile her biological mother in Maine is trying to overcome the heartbreak from her past but thinks of the girl she had to give up daily. A third character — and my favorite because she’s a journalist — in New York is trying to find a compromise with her husband on their future together and with a baby on the way.

After reading “Finding Colin Firth” I want to do two things:

1. Visit Maine

2. Have a Colin Firth movie marathon

I asked Mia a few questions about her latest novel:

Q and A with Mia March

Q: What inspired the idea to write a story centered around an adoption?

A: My 11-year-old son was asking me a lot of questions about his cousins, my nieces, who are adopted, and we were talking about what family means. That night, my character Bea came to me: a young woman, just 22, who discovers in a deathbed confession that she was adopted at birth. What does she do with this information? How does it change how she feels about herself, about her parents, if at all? Does she seek out her biological parents? That conversation with my son sparked it all!

Q: Boothbay Harbor sounds amazing! What do you enjoy most about living in Maine?

A: Maine’s license plates say: Vacationland, and that sums it up for me. I always feel like I’m on vacation. There’s water a minute up the road in every direction, mountains, fields, clean air, nature, moose, blueberries. It’s a very relaxing way of life up here.

Q: As a journalist I was able to relate to much of Gemma’s character. Are you a former journalist? Can you share some of your background of your career?

A: My “day job” is a freelance copywriter — I write back covers and jacket copy for publishing houses. This week my assignments include an Amish romance, a paranormal about shapeshifters, and a YA. Love all the good reading! I’ve always wanted to write novels; I’ve been writing stories and novels since I was very young.

Q: What is your favorite Colin Firth film?

A: I always think it’s the BBC adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice,” but how can I choose been that and “Bridget Jones’ Diary” — Colin in that Christmas moose sweater?

Q: Have you met Mr. Firth? Is it a bucket list item?

A: I’ve never met him. I think I would faint at his feet if I ever got within arm’s length.

Q: What’s next for you? Will another actor soon be featured in a March novel?

A: I’m working on my next novel now … I don’t want to say too much, but there’s lots of food involved!


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