What I’m Reading Wednesday

27 Aug

jesus-is-find-a-new-way-to-be-humanI have been busy this summer with book reviews and haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like to. Among the books I’ve read are a few I haven’t yet had the chance to post about. This entry will sum up the books I recently read (or am still reading) and you may notice a theme. I chose each of the four books for different reasons but all the material is faith-based.

1. Jesus Is _______. By Judah Smith

A friend of mine had read this book by Smith, a pastor at The City Church in Seattle. She suggested I read it because it offered a biblical perspective on an issue I was dealing with that involved truth and grace.

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for sending me a copy! Smith is one cool dude, who gives Jesus cool press. He is honest — for the most part — and transparent with personal stories and growth. I was a little baffled by why he would neither confirm nor deny if he had seen the movie “Braveheart,” when he referenced a powerful scene from the film.

And because I bleed crimson I have to call out Smith on his declaration that purple and gold are the best colors, and fans of crimson and gray need to repent. But because the Cougs won last year’s Apple Cup, I will let the win speak for itself.

Smith is authentic with a side of humor in his latest book, which received an endorsement from Justin Bieber. I recommend this book to believers (and beliebers) and nonbelievers. Oh, and the forward is written by pro golfer Bubba Watson!

2. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Relevant Magazine published a story online of “10 Books Everyone Should Read By 25-ish.” I shared the link on my Facebook page and a friend of mine offered to lend me a copy of “Man’s Search for Meaning” (No. 8 on the list).

The book is written in two parts: Frankl’s experience as a prisoner in an Auschwitz concentration camp and his logotherapy theory. (For complete disclosure I only read the first part). Frankl recounts life in the concentration camp as well as his psychological observations of how other prisoners responded.

It is a powerful and heartbreaking read, but definitely deserves to be on that list!

893998_w1853. Guardrails by Andy Stanley

This summer I participated in a community group at my home church that studied this Stanley series. His book accompanied the six-week DVD series that focused on establishing guardrails in your friendships, marriage and finances to help you avoid regrets.

I have referenced this study to multiple people and benefited greatly from not only the subject matter taught, but also from the discussion from my small group.

4. The One Year Book of Inspiration for Girlfriends: Juggling Not-So-Perfect, Often Crazy, But Gloriously Real Lives by Ellen Miller

A friend of mine reached out to me and wanted to start a devotional together to put us in the word daily. Because we both work full-time and she’s a mama, I picked out this book because, well, it sounds just like us! Each day offers an uplifting and encouraging message with scripture.

We now have our books in hand, now we just need to coordinate a day and time when we can study together!

What did you read this summer?

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