What I’m Reading Wednesday

11 Sep

51v-sL2brjLA thank you goes out to my friend Melissa for lending me her copy of “Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns!”

The Runway drama continues a decade later in Lauren Weisberger’s sequel to the “Devil Wears Prada.” The same characters return, including icy Miranda Priestly.

The first book ended with Andy Sachs, or Ahn-dre-ah, quitting Runway and walking out on Miranda in Paris. Fast forward to the sequel and Andy and ex-Runway employee Emily have teamed up to create The Plunge, a high-fashion wedding magazine. But even though Andy and Emily have made it in the biz free from Miranda, the “devil” returns with an offer to buy out their magazine.

Even though it’s many years later Andy still suffers from anxiety and nightmares of not being able to deliver Miranda’s requests and demands. It bugs me how much it bugs her. And for the first 140 pages I wanted to pull my hair out because of Andy’s lack of communication with her significant other, Max. Be open and honest and address issues instead of letting them fester for days!

No spoiler alerts here, but the story line takes a dramatic turn that leads to an ending I was kind of expecting, but hoping wouldn’t happen.

I hope Hollywood turns “Revenge Wears Prada” into a sequel to the 2006 movie. With Emily Blunt in the original I think it would be cool if John Krasinski was cast as Max. Speaking of which, upon a quick Google search to double check spelling of names, I noticed the couple is expecting!

What do you think of sequels? What’s your favorite sequel?

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