Sometimes I wear purple

The season it all began, 2009.

Every football season I have to explain myself. Why would a Coug wear Husky purple?

At least one person will call me a traitor, and every time I respond with “I wear purple and gold, but I bleed crimson and gray, blah, blah, blah.”

Let me tell you why I, a Washington State University graduate, sometimes wear purple.

My story starts five football seasons ago…

My husband Trevor and I were in the blissful dating stage where we could do no wrong and were celebrating our first birthday together (we have the same birthday). Being the creative shopper I am I thought I was a genius when I ordered my Rolling Stones loving boyfriend a custom-made Stones clock made out of his favorite album. I think I spent about $30.

As we exchanged gifts he handed me a gift bag from a jewelry store. Uh oh. Inside was a beautiful diamond pendant necklace. He didn’t realize it but he had left the receipt in the bag. Doh! It was more than $30.

I knew he didn’t care about who spent what, but in my panic I told a lie.

I told him the clock was just part of his gift. Surprise! And that I also bought him Husky football season tickets, but didn’t yet have them in hand. Trevor is a lifelong University of Washington fan and in five seconds I became the world’s best girlfriend!

Lucky for me it was easy to buy season tickets in 2009. It was coach Sarkisian’s first season and the Huskies were coming off their 0-12 season (he, he). I bought our first season tickets in the open air bleacher section and then I had to go shopping.

After I bought my first purple my Facebook friends/WSU classmates didn’t hold back their feelings about a Coug wearing the enemy’s colors. During our first season I acted as if I was working in a press box. There was no cheering. I was neutral.

And then we were at our first Apple Cup together. And the Cougs lost. And then they lost again in 2011. But you better believe I was wearing my crimson among the purple party.

A painful loss.
The long ride home.
I seem pretty happy. Must be before the loss, 2011.

Little did I know, my 2009 lie has followed me every football season since then. When our birthday rolled around in 2010 it was kind of expected we would renew our tickets as our gift to each other Trevor. And so the cycle repeated itself year after year after year.

We were there to see Erik Folk kick the game-winning field goal against No. 3 USC in 2009. We won field passes and watched the Huskies beat Oregon State in double overtime from the field. As we rushed the field my husband ran into Jake Locker, shook his hand and gave him a half-hug. We have seen games from the “old” Husky Stadium, CenturyLink and now the “new” Husky Stadium.

It wasn’t until a couple years later I confessed the truth. I had lied in the moment, but I think it turned out OK. Our season tickets have guaranteed us date nights during a busy season of our lives. While I now cheer at UW games, I will not be pro-purple at this year’s Apple Cup at Husky Stadium. This girl will be all crimson and gray.

Oh, and that Rolling Stones record turned clock? It’s also still a part of our lives as a decoration in our bathroom.


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