Ramen Girl

ramen3_sI’m on the hunt for a good bowl of noodles. I’m not talking about spaghetti, Cup of Noodles or even pho. I’m talking about ramen (not to be confused with Top Ramen).

The area I live in seriously lacks quality ramen options. I’ve been told the nearest place is in a different county than which I live in and I’m darn near ready to make that drive! Lately (as in the last couple months) my noodle craving was peaked and pho and packaged noodle soup just aren’t cutting it.

My brother and I grew up enjoying the fruits of the Asian culture with our Japanese grandmother. She makes so many amazing dishes and as a result we have become Japanese foodie snobs. Our grandmother took us to Japan about 10 years ago where we had the best of the best Asian cuisine.

Sidenote: In Japan you can order sushi and it will be delivered to your doorstep!

I’m starting to get hungry…

I traveled to San Francisco with my dad and brother a couple of years ago and as we wandered around unfamiliar surroundings we stopped for lunch at a ramen restaurant. It was pretty warm outside, but we had found ramen!

Have you seen the movie “The Ramen Girl” starring the late Brittany Murphy? No, just me? Brittany’s character learns the true art of making ramen in Tokyo. I’m not trying to endorse the film here, I’m just trying to say the ramen in the movie looks amazing!MV5BNjMyNjE3NzE0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDI3MjY1Mg@@._V1._SX355_SY500_

Recently I gave in to my noodle craving and decided to settle on a trip to a pho place near our house. My husband was busy so I made the trip to a sit-down restaurant solo. I pulled up in the parking lot only to see the neon light for bubble tea aglow but the open sign was dormant. Closed?! Nooooooooo!

I was defeated and dejected. So I settled. I walked over to the grocery story and straight to the Asian food aisle where I picked up a package of instant noodles.

Can anybody else relate to my story? Have you ever wanted a food so badly you didn’t care what the cost? What food do you crave?


One thought on “Ramen Girl

  1. Yes, I saw “The Ramen Girl” – it’s a terrible movie! Though I watched it anyway, because, well, Brittany Murphy. Also – I’m unschooled in the difference between “real” Japanese ramen and other noodle soups, but, I do know the Saar’s Market in Lakewood has a pretty decent selection of Asian foods… including these big, fat, soft, refrigerated Udon noodles that I couldn’t find at any of the Korean markets on South Tacoma Way (and also, some kind of Thai chili sauce with a very non-descriptive English name and the most amazing flavor that I had literally been searching for FOR 10 YEARS after having it at a Chinese Restaurant in Germany… the label just says “chili sauce,” but the more accurate translation is “makes my taste buds tap dance on my tongue” / “chili crack”. That’s probably not what you were looking for – but seriously, thai chili sauce & udon noodles = total amazeballs.

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