Avoiding the library in 2014

6 Jan


Happy 2014! Hope the New Year finds you well and still on track with your resolutions and goals!

As a year winds down I usually write a list of of broad, attainable goals I would like to accomplish the upcoming year, like pay down debt or travel more. After 365 days I can look back and while we’re still in debt (thank you house and student loans) and while we traveled out of state only a couple times, I still attained what I sought after.

But this year I’m giving myself a goal I know will be difficult to attain.

For 2014 I will avoid the library.


For those who know me, know how often I utilize the public library. We live near one, our church is near one, I work near multiple ones, but this year I’m turning my back on the plethora of books and materials, and I think for good reason.

This year I have set out to read only the books on my bookshelf. I am rich with books. And the sad thing is, many of the books I own I have yet to read. But yet I still purchase and reserve titles at the library, waiting anxiously for the notification that my items are ready for pickup.

Often times the new books go right to my shelf to collect dust, the words closed in darkness waiting for me to break in the spine and shed light on what it’s inside.

I will avoid the library and I will not purchase a book for myself this year. I will gladly welcome books as gifts, and just yesterday my friend Blaire loaned me two books in relation to The Justice Conference coming up next month, but that’s it. I’m putting my foot down and my library card in the freezer.

I’m already off to a good start. I’ve read a book I bought last summer at a book sale and a book I just received for Christmas (more on those at later dates!). They are now nestled back in the book case as has been “read” and ready to be loaned out to the next interested reader.

I can’t say I will read all the unread books on my shelf by the end of the year, because I’m sad to say there are quite a lot. But I will sure enjoy trying!

This is nothing against the library. I’ll be back. In 2015.

Happy reading!

What are your resolutions or goals for this year?

One Response to “Avoiding the library in 2014”

  1. natalie January 6, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

    GREAT idea. I glanced at ours today and panicked because there were some that I thought were overdue… only to realize that they’re actually mine… whoops.

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