What I’m Reading Wednesday

Fielding Cover - final.JPG
Bridget’s story continues!

<In a British accent> Bridget Jones. An honest soul who most of the time is brash, confusing and comical. But always darling.

I wish Bridget wasn’t a work of fiction, because I would totally be her friend and follow her on Twitter (more on that later).

I had never read a Helen Fielding “Bridget Jones” book prior to her latest release, “Mad About the Boy,” but I have watched and re-watched the two Bridget Jones films.

It’s been more than a decade since Fielding released “The Edge of Reason” which (according to the movie) ends with a bright outlook for Bridget and her Mr. Darcy.

I was so excited to read earlier last year that Bridget Jones lives on in Fielding’s latest novel, but shocked by the words on the jacket cover. Bridget, a widow?? Nooooooooo!

“Mad About the Boy” follows Bridget’s journey as she tries to navigate the dating scene while also trying to figure out the monster that is social media. I laughed aloud as Bridget tried to find her niche on Twitter. Bridget thinks, feels and shares what I’m sure a majority of Twitter users can relate to, but I don’t know many people who wrap up conversations with “Will you follow me on Twitter?”

You’re on Twitter, but what do you tweet about? You have followers and you want to keep them, but somehow end up losing followers after you tweet. How do you get them back? How do you keep them? It is chaos for Bridget and she handles it like she handles all things, with wit and humor, and maybe a little wine and cheese.

At 51, Bridget is crude, charming, funny and adorable. If you want a good laugh, I highly recommend “Mad About the Boy.” To my dismay, it sounds like the possibility of it coming to life in film form are in jeopardy. But we can only hope!

With that said, will you follow me on Twitter?


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