My literary soul mate

19 Mar

Brooke lost in “Just Jane: A Novel of Jane Austen’s Life.”

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Brooke. Over the last couple of years our paths crossed often at work-related events.

A friendship bloomed out of those random encounters and was held together by: 1, our love of dogs 2, our love of “Downton Abbey” and 3, our love of literature.

We are literary soul mates.

We enjoyed a girls date last November and saw “Pride & Prejudice” at the Lakewood Playhouse. I have yet to meet an individual who loves Jane Austen more than Brooke.

My beautiful friend is headed off to a new adventure far away from here and as a send off I’m featuring Brooke and her literary tastes in a short Q and A:

Q: What is your favorite genre?

A: I read for entertainment, so I’m a big fan of fiction. Especially anything British; I’m a total Anglophile. I specifically like reading anything that takes place in England during the Tudor era (1400-1500s), the Regency era (first part of the 1800s) and the WWI era.

Q: Favorite author?

A: I’ve got to go with my girl Jane Austen.

Q: What are you reading right now?

A: Just finished “Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides and just starting “Identical” by Scott Turow.

Q: What do you look for when picking out a book?

A: That’s a tough one. I will really read any kind of fiction, and I read a lot so I’m not super discriminatory. I’ll read just about anything that comes across my bookshelf. Sometimes I’ll go to the library and just grab the first five books that look appealing.

Q: What author do you own the most books of?

A: Jane again. You’d think it wouldn’t be her because she only completed The Six. However, I have multiple versions of each of her novels and if I added them all up, I’m sure she’d win.

Q: Your house is on fire (and your husband and dogs have safely escaped) and you can only rescue three books, which three would you grab?

A: Hmmmmm … “Pride and Prejudice,” “Emma,” and just to make things a little different, “Gone Girl” by Gilliam Flynn, which is my favorite book of the last two years!

Q: If you could have tea with any author (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

A: I’d have tea (appropriately enough!) with Jane. My favorite thing about her books is her wit. I’ll read “P&P” or “Emma” for the 13th time and laugh out loud. My husband things I’m a nut case that I can find the same things, or  sometimes things I’ve never noticed before, laugh-out-loud funny. I have a feeling tea with Jane would be hilarious!

Thank you so much Brooke for the book chat and for being the Elizabeth to my Mary Bennett! Thanks to social media we can still talk books when you’re miles and miles away!

Wishing you the best of luck!

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