What I’m Reading Wednesday

My young adult reading continues this week. I’m not normally a fan of YA unless someone puts a book in my hands and tells me I must read it. I do read popular series like “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games,” so I can participate in discussion of the times, but I never could get into “Harry Potter.”

A friend of mine recently organized a book club and she hosted our first meeting. She chose the book “The Key to the Golden Firebird,” by Maureen Johnson. I am the minority in book club as a fan of historical fiction. But one of just several reasons why book clubs are awesome is that you’re introduced to books you wouldn’t normally read.

This story is a sad one that shows no signs of hope for the majority of its pages, until you start to near the finish line. But as you navigate through the sadness of three young sisters who unexpectedly lost their father, you start to feel for them as they struggle to move on. I can’t imagine losing a parent as a teenager. I can’t even imagine losing a parent now!

Sometimes I have to roll my eyes at the drama of teenagers portrayed in young adult, but then have to check myself. Was I like that at that age? I really hope not…

This novel introduced me to the writing talents of Maureen Johnson, who is extremely witty, and maybe even a little sassy. The Philadelphia scene of this particular novel takes me back to my trip to Philly last winter. Don’t fret May, I would have freaked out learning to drive on Philly streets, too!

I promise my next Wednesday post is anything but young adult, but I won’t spoil the surprise!

What’s your favorite genre? What are you reading this week?


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