What I’m Reading Wednesday

9 Jul

When I was classified as a young adult (the teen years) I was busy reading Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew and The Babysitter’s Club. Fast forward to my first year in my 30s and today’s YA literature is decorated with more intense high school drama laced with colorful language.

How times have changed.

Many of my book nerd friends are YA lovers. I’ve learned that reading one YA book leads to another YA book, and the vicious cycle continues on. While discussing a YA book at book club last month, my friend Moe suggested reading If I Stay and it was in my hands when I left her house.

The novel by Gayle Forman illustrates how life can change in just a single moment. What if our lives were on the brink of life and death? What choice would we make if we could choose?

It’s some heavy stuff for teens, let alone grown up readers. It’s a quick read you can finish in an afternoon and once you’re done you move right along to the sequel Where She Went. That’s the beauty of reading a book much later after its release. There’s no waiting to see what happens next.

And if that wasn’t enough of a reason to suggest you should check out Forman’s novels, If I Stay is coming to a theater near you this summer.

The novel is a perfect beach read, or just a sit out on the porch in the sunshine read. It takes place in the Pacific Northwest, has a lot of music and an admirable family dynamic.

And of course there’s love.

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