What I’m Reading Wednesday

7 Jan

By now you have probably heard of Mark Zuckerberg’s challenge to read a book every other week in 2015. I think this is awesome. Zuckerberg is using his massive social media following to create an extra-large book club, which will discuss the books on Zuckerberg’s A Year of Books Facebook page.

The first book of A Year of Books, The End of Power, sold out on Amazon. Wow.

While this humble blog has followed Zuckerberg’s book challenge formula the last couple of years, I of course do not have the reach that Zuckerberg does. But while more than 200,000 people are following Zuckerberg’s reading list, I’m grateful for those of you who choose to keep up with mine.

You certainly can’t fault someone for wanting to read more and to encourage the masses to do the same. Reading 26 books in a year will feed a person so much more than 26 hours of television.

2D274905957270-YesPlease.blocks_desktop_mediumWith all that being said, I have finished my first book of 2015: Yes Please by the comedienne Amy Poehler.

Poehler is one of my favorites and I so wish I could be in her circle of friends, along with Kristen Wiig and Rebel Wilson. Her memoir serves as a scrapbook of her upbringing, her start in improv, making it to SNL, and shares a glimpse of her personal life. Friends and family contribute to her first book, which also includes photographic evidence which document her life’s milestones.

I appreciate Poehler’s wit and creativity. When it came time to admitting fault, apologizing or talking about serious matters, all jokes were gone and readers see the not so funny side of the business.

Everyone has a story to tell and it certainly isn’t easy to be transparent about the messiness of a life story. But Poehler handles it with what she does best: humor. And her readers thank her for it.

What book are you reading to start 2015? Are you going to read along with Zuckerberg?


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