What I’m Reading Wednesday

I’m finding it difficult to keep to my weekly blog deadline. I’m reading fast enough, but during a busy season of life, it can be difficult to find time to sit at my computer.

Rather than trying to maintain my weekly reading schedule (because I know you all are just dying to see what book I’m into), I will begin to combine several books into one post. So for those of you who are always looking for my recommendations (Hi Brooke!), this will help give you a few books at a time.

To catch up, I have some great news! We’re now five months into 2015 and I have $0 in library fines! I can hardly believe it! Speaking of which, these next two books are due on Thursday…

GI Brides: The Wartime Girls Who Crossed the Atlantic for Love by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi

GI-BRIDES-COVER-JPEGI love a good WWII love story, especially of the non-fiction variety. Inspired by her own grandmother’s experience as a GI bride from England, Calvi and Barrett traveled the states to interview more than 60 surviving brides. The authors chose to feature four brides that displayed the most perseverance and growth from adversity, including Calvi’s grandmother.

The English women fell in love with dashing men in uniform during a time of war. It’s naive to believe the romantic story continues on after the war and the new brides travel across the pond to their husbands’ country. They discover their handsome service man is a gambler, womanizer, boozer, or just not who they fell in love with.

But these women traveled thousands of miles away from their families, great tea and comfort of their own country for the idea of love. And one way or another they find it.

Sisters of Heart and Snow by Margaret Dilloway

22571664Dilloway became one of my favorite authors after I read How to Be an American Housewife in a weekend. Her debut novel was inspired by her own Japanese grandmother, which in turn made me think of my ‘Bachan (who was also a GI bride from Japan).

Sisters is Dilloway’s third novel and weaves the present day relationship of two sisters and their family with a samurai story from twelfth-century Japan. There are many historical details of the samurai era included but this is a work of fiction.

But enough about me. What are you all reading this month? I’ll be back in June for another update!