Books and Adventures: I Know How She Does It


My reading list has branched out to different genres this year, and includes quite a bit of non-fiction. Through a women’s leadership group at my church, I have read books monthly pertaining to leadership and goal setting.

A self-discovery I made with my leadership group is my desire to advance to the next level in my career. This has led to a study of graduate school and accreditation options. It also pointed me in the direction to I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time by Laura Vanderkam.

This new release is a study of how successful, working women/moms manage their time in 30-minute increments. While the definition of success in this book is women who make more than $100,000 (not me, yet) and have at least one child under the age of 18 at home (still not me, yet), I was still able to take away many time management and schedule planning pointers.

Vanderkam studied the time logs of hundreds of successful professionals. Viewing a week as a 168-hour canvas as a full-time professional, leaves quite a bit of time that can lost to less meaningful things. Vanderkam’s findings encouraged me to evaluate my own time log, which Vanderkam provides on her website.

This is a great tool to use to evaluate how I spend my time at work (am I spending the majority of my time on the tasks that excite me the most about my job?), how I spend my leisure time (if I put my phone away during free time, what fun memories can be created?) and how my weekends are spent (are errands and chores pushing out valuable family time?).

Just today I heard someone talking about the challenge of raising a newborn while taking a class online. My mind immediately went to the lessons shared in this book. It’s all about time management, rearranging the tiles in your time log and using available resources to obtain what you desire.

Oh, and this pairs nicely with Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.


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