Books and Adventures: The Bookseller

My latest book adventure took me to King’s Books, the largest new and used independent bookstore in the Tacoma area.

If I could snap my fingers and have any profession I choose, I would own an independent bookstore. My store would be nestled in a coastal town (like a North Carolina scene imagined by Nicholas Sparks), or would be in a bustling downtown like The Shop Around the Corner made famous by Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail.

Because of my bookstore fantasy, The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson instantly caught my eye. Set in Denver in 1962 and 1963, Kitty Miller is content with her spinster lifestyle. She owns a quaint bookstore with her lifelong best friend, and has a special bond with her parents.

But in Kitty’s dreams, she’s lives a life happily married and a mother to three kids.

In movie terms, think Inception meets The Family Man. This psychological thinker is a glimpse into what might have been, if life’s events had taken a different course.

My book adventure led me to King’s Books, the largest new and used independent bookstore in downtown Tacoma. With about 150,000 books housed in 5,500-square feet, I spent a recent afternoon aimlessly looking at a rows and rows and rows of books.

Country Girl sighting!

I have to use this moment to give a shout to fellow Coug, Sarah Reijonen, author of Country Girl: Letting Love and Wanderlust Take the Reins. I was happy to spot the bright yellow cover in the Memoir section.


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