One Thousand Gifts

One Thousand Gifts group.

Every Tuesday for the past two months I led a small group at Canyon Ridge Church. The group was called One Thousand Gifts after the book by Ann Voskamp. Once a week about 15 of us ladies gathered to discuss our weekly reading from the book, which examined living a grace-filled life. Each night we also got crafty!

The idea came to me last winter to have a craft small group. Or more specifically a Pinterest small group. The website is so popular and I felt it would serve as a good avenue to get women together in fellowship and in a comfortable setting to talk about their faith.

Getting crafty!

We decorated coffee mugs, made scrapbook pages, jewelry, bookmarks and a variety of other fun stuff. We planned a Bunco night where we each brought a craft we made for a prize.

For a service project we joined with another small group from CRC and did landscaping for a local elementary school to get them ready in time for back to school. We weeded and pruned and laid out bark while others helped paint the staff lounge. Our group also put together a gift basket of coffee and tea with coffee mugs we had decorated.

Our service project.

After the group concluded last Tuesday I emailed Ann Voskamp’s publisher about our group and explained what we did. He forwarded the message on to her and she emailed me back!:

“Smiling at your beautiful photo and happy, grace-filled faces! Thank you all so very much for giving Christ glory in all things and counting Him the gift!

Your note brought tears of thanksgiving. WHAT a story you are all living… A blazing testimony!

Eucharisteo! Take all joy in Him…”

How cool is that?!

What kind of small groups have you participated in? Why did you choose those groups?