What I’m Reading Wednesday

More than a century after Titanic’s tragic maiden voyage, her story lives on.

Hazel Gaynor’s The Girl Who Came Home: A Novel of The Titanic, is a story of historical fiction inspired by true events and passengers.

Gaynor’s novel begins in Ireland in 1912, where a group of 14 from a small village prepare to set sail for America with the hope of a better life. One of the passengers is 17-year-old Maggie, who reluctantly boards with her aunt, the only surviving family member she has, while her love stays behind.

Gaynor’s story also takes its readers to Chicago in 1982, where Grace Butler learns of her great-grandmother Maggie’s stories of Titanic. Hearing her story Grace starts on her own path of healing after losing her father.

The Girl Who Came Home is inspired by the true events of a group of Irish emigrants from County Mayo, Ireland who travel on Titanic to awaiting relatives in America. Eleven of the group of 14 were lost. The main character Maggie, is based on two of the youngest girls in the group (Annie Kate Kelly and Annie McGowan).

Gaynor includes some passengers based on fact and actual Marconigram messages transmitted from Titanic and Carpathia within its pages also pulls you into the tragic tale of that fateful night in April.

Hollywood has tried and so have authors, but it’s nearly impossible to imagine the terror that was the night the Titanic sank to her resting place. But thanks to creative minds like Gaynor, the memories of those saved and lost are remembered more than 100 years later.